King Coconut Oil

Organic & Extra Virgin


King Coconut oil is rare and only grown in Sri Lanka

 First time in the USA,Introducing and educating the people of this special coconut Oil and its benefits. After a long period of time and research to get the best product out in the market, we take pride in our product as Ilanka Sri Lanka brand King Coconut oil is not like any other it is cold pressed, extra virgin, silk like texture,evenly absorbed, fresh smelled coconut.

Why King Coconut Oil?


ILanka Sri Lanka Green Coconut Oil

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Ilanka Srilanka King Coconut Oil

Wonderful fact about King coconut Oil.

King Coconut Oil is Known to Sri Lankans as a home made remedy to grow hair for thousands of years.If you want to have thicker, longer hair King Coconut Oil is the key. Start with early ages, great with babies hair and skin.

King Coconut oil also can be used as a moisturizer

For the whole body, make up remover for the face, massage oil,spot remover fade away cream, Diaper cream for babies.

Best product in the market

Ilanka SriLanka King Coconut oil is not like other it is cold pressed, extra virgin, silky, non sticky, nicely absorbed, smell fresh coconut.

What Clients Say ABOUT US

My Mom Used ILanka Sri Lanka King Coconut oil On my hair since I was a little girl. I use the oil as a skin moisturizer too. Thank you ILanka for introducing this fabulous oil to our lives.

Crystal Navarro

Best for spot removing. It is silky, non sticky and it gives fresh smell always. Best oil in the market. I love it. 

Susana Guvara

Nicely absorbed and best diaper cream for my babies.helpful for removing face makeup. something I keep in my bathroom for everyday use.

Rachel Clark


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